Wellness plan.

Complement your training with a tailormade nutrition plan with personal and clear guidelines on how to succeed. Your plan will include:

  • 28 or 15 day diet schedule
  • Recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Recipes and suggestions for snacks
  • Regular follow-up and coaching
  • Follow-up of body weight and measurements from start to finish (optional)

A balanced diet is important for your energy and overall well-being. This nutrition plan is set to give you an energy-boost and for you to feel good about the way you eat. Simple and tasty.  It will inspire you to try new recipes and hopefully also make you feel different, healthier. You get a complete diet plan with specific and clear guidelines on how to succeed. All recipes exclude sugar, gluten and dairy.

The goal of this diet is to give you extra energy and power in everyday life, to give you the ability practice freely without gastrointestinal problems, avoiding energy dips and continuing to feel good (or even feel even better). It also provides a way into a healthy lifestyle – a new lifestyle for many of my clients, where both the stomach and the mind feel good!